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Key Stage 2 Harvest Service at St Martin's

Parents and carers of Year 6 children are warmly invited to join us at St Martin's on Tuesday 8th October; the service starts at 10:30am.


Once again,we will be joining with the St Martin's congregation in collecting for Maggs Day Centre, St Paul's Hostel, St Richard's Hospice and Worcester Food Bank. Items they have requested are;

Maggs Day Centre – Tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits, tins of fruit, custard, rice pudding, tinned meals, baked beans, toiletries

St Paul’s Hostel – Tins of soup, baked beans, tea bags, decaff coffee, sugar, sml tins/jars

The Food Bank – UHT milk, Long life fruit juice, peanut butter, cream crackers, small packets of tea/jars of coffee, pot noodles.


Fresh fruit and vegetables are sent to St Richard’s Hospice and to homes of the deaf and people with disabilities.


Thank you again for your generosity.

After school clubs return from w/c Monday 20th January. See this week's newsletter for more details.