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Red Hill School is currently closed for the summer holidays. School starts for all year groups on Thursday 3rd September.

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A message from The Diocese of Worcester

Prayer for Schools on Maundy Thursday 

At 11am on Thursday 9 April, Church of England schools in Dudley and Worcestershire will join together with the members of the Diocesan Board of Education and the Diocesan Education Team to pray for all of the schools in the diocese, for each other, and for those who are taking care of us during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.  
Each Maundy Thursday, we remember the time when Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and set them the example that to lead is to be a servant of others. He then shared bread and wine with them, the people whom he loved very much, even though he knew that one of them would soon betray him.  
Jesus knew that he was about to face the most difficult trial of his life and he needed the prayers and support of his family and friends. He also prayed to his Father God, sharing his fears and his need for strength to endure. 
We are facing our own ordeal at the moment and we turn to God, with whom we can share our thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears, asking for His strength, grace and mercy as we pray together even though, for the time-being, many of us are far apart. 



Loving Lord, We are able to love because you loved us first. Please remind us each day how utterly loved we are, so we can show that love to each other. 
To the children we care for in our schools. To the children having to learn from their homes. To the children who are in need of comfort. 
To the teachers and teaching assistants who are bravely still in their classes. To the teachers and teaching assistants tirelessly preparing home learning. To the teachers and teaching assistants who are in need of comfort. 
To those looking after our school buildings & making sure that our classrooms are clean every day. 
To those providing our meals at lunchtime when they could be at home with their families. 
To those who are keeping us safe who, themselves, are in need of comfort. 
To our headteachers who are doing their very best to lead safely from school. To our headteachers having to lead from their homes. To our headteachers who are in need of comfort. 
Lord, may we all know your love. Its breadth, its length, its height, its depth. A love which never ends. Never runs out. Never fails. Love which is enough for today and more than enough for tomorrow. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.



Let us also join together in the prayer that Jesus taught us: 
Our Father in Heaven hallowed be your name 
Your kingdom come, your will be done 
On earth as in Heaven 
Give us today our daily bread 
And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us 
Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil 
For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours 
Now and forever. 
The members of the Diocesan Education Team pray for you and your school family every day between midday and 1pm and we will continue to do so until this crisis is over.

School is now closed for the summer holidays. We return on Thursday 3rd September. Have a safe summer break.