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Welcome to Red Hill C of E Primary School


We hope you enjoy your visit and find that the site enables you to find out all about our school. We are a thriving primary school situated in Worcester. Our aim is to serve the local community by providing an education of the highest quality for all our pupils. Our most recent Ofsted, in January 2013, highlighted the following strengths.


Pupils achieve well particularly in mathematics and in reading. They enjoy their learning and are keen to undertake challenging work.

Teaching is good and some is outstanding. Tasks are exciting, fun and well planned to promote pupils’ independence and to meet their individual needs.

Behaviour is good in lessons and around the school and pupils say that they feel safe and well cared-for.

Leadership and management are good overall and some elements, particularly the leadership of the headteacher, his deputy and governing body, are outstanding. As a result the school has improved in all aspects of its work since the previous inspection.

To access the full report, please visit the key information section of our website.

Since 2012, attainment in all subjects has been above the national average as has the proportion of pupils attaining the highest levels in reading and mathematics.


The school strives 'to treat every pupil as unique in the sight of God' and this is evident in the way all children are nurtured so that they achieve good academic standards and reach high levels of personal development. As one member of staff said of the values, "They are not just words on the wall. It is how we do things here at Red Hill." Another said, "We strive to get the best for every child here". One child said, "Because of the values, it makes us a way better school. Everyone wants to come to this school"
(SIAMS, 2016)

Red Hill prides itself on being a vibrant community where children are challenged to do their best and offered a wide variety of experiences from residential visits to singing in our school Glee Club or one of our many sports teams. Please do not hesitate to visit us and find out more; make an appointment at the school office on (01905) 352524, so we can personally show you what makes us special. We look forward to meeting you and showing you around our school!


Values Statement

At Red Hill CE Primary School, we teach and encourage the transferable skills for independent, life-long learning. We shape our curriculum to reflect the ethos, aims and values of our school.

In every year group throughout the school our teachers plan a series of topic-based approaches to learning which reflect the National Curriculum and are firmly rooted upon a set of skills that are progressive.

Wherever possible, the topic is used to link core and foundation subjects together such as literacy and history, science and mathematics allowing further opportunity for Mastery. We also build in curriculum enrichment opportunities where we can focus on one aspect of learning or subject area or a social and emotional wellbeing focus.  
We place a strong emphasis on developing creativity in all areas of a broad and rich curriculum and encourage independence in learning allowing all our children to make their own choices, as well as supporting each other. Our children should be excited by their learning and able to develop a wide range of skills that they will be able to carry with them throughout life:
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Development at Red Hill including the promotion of fundamental British values is an important aspect of learning. Whether through sport, music, clubs, collective worship and celebrations or through specific curriculum links such as RE and History, SMSC Development is part of every school day.
Our identified Christian values have an impact on everything we do, we believe that these values are important to our whole school community regardless of our different Faiths and beliefs. These values inform our policies, procedures and practice. Whether through our behaviour policy and systems of pastoral support where we focus on responsibility and reparation, or our dedicated approach to Inclusion at Red Hill, we are committed to an ethos of respect and care; we provide high levels of support but have high expectations too.

Every unique individual is valued and appropriately challenged. All are aware of our Christian values and opportunities are created to explore and understand how the values link to school life.

Spencer Morris


Meet the Teacher events - Yr 5&6 Mon 17th - Yr 3&4 Tues 18th - Yr 1&2 Wed 19th - Reception Thurs 20th