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Red Hill OPEN - Wednesday 13th December 2017

Thank you for your patience and understanding over the past two days. In line with other local schools, and to keep children and staff safe, we had no option but to close on Monday and Tuesday.


Information for WEDNESDAY 13th DECEMBER

* Please wear uniform as normal, but children must have suitable footwear and a warm coat to deal with the weather conditions.

* Please be careful making your way to school. Local pavements are still covered in ice (as at 4pm, Tuesday 12th December, when I last checked).

* Stick to the prepared paths when on site. Many thanks to Mr Thomas, our lovely site manager, who has been hard at work during the past two days.

* AS I ALWAYS REQUEST, do not attempt to drive into Midhurst Close at drop off or collecting times.

* RAP Club will be open at 7:40am as normal, for children who have already booked in, and likewise at the end of the day, again for those who have already arranged this.

* Please do not bring your child onto the campus until 8:40am. At this time, children will be able to go straight to their classrooms via their normal route. If this changes, we will alert you by text.

* Registration will close at 9:30am on Wednesday, to allow for late arrivals due to the weather conditions. PLEASE DO NOT RUSH IN; TAKE YOUR TIME.

* As usual, staff will assess the conditions to see if it is suitable for outdoor play on the day. 


We will be looking to rearrange Tuesday's carol service and Wednesday's party for Years 1 & 2. We will inform you as soon as possible once these dates have been confirmed.


I look forward to seeing you all again after the long weekend!


Mr Morris



SUMMER FETE - SUNDAY 8TH JULY 2018, 2pm - 5pm